Wednesday, June 4, 2014

bridal shower inspiration.

Wedding season is in full swing! I am sure you all know at least one young bride with their wedding just around the corner. Last summer I was able to plan two bridal showers for two lovely ladies. I just thought I would share a few ideas for the next time you need to plan a bridal shower. 
First I will show you Paige's Bridal shower. With our cheap college budget we did our best to throw together a classy bridal shower for her. Instead of coming up with a theme, we just decided to stick with her wedding colors. 

In this picture above is a really simple banner that I made. All I did was print out letters on purple paper and tape them to a string. This only took me about 5 minutes to do and it was more than worth it for a perfect little touch to the bridal shower. 

Then we made tons of cake pops! You can NEVER go wrong with cake pops. The little pearl sprinkles I bought were definitely a hit at the party.

This is what the table setting ended up looking like. We put one of those cheap plastic table clothes under a nice lace one for a pop of color. We also strung Christmas lights on the ceiling and under the table clothe. Then there are the balloons. I feel like balloons are a difficult thing to decorate with for a "grown-up" party. But this layout made them look classy and it gave some height to our table.

Next, we have Natalie's Bridal shower. This is one of my favorites! We decided to do a tropical theme to go along with her honeymoon.

See that cute, fun tassel garland...I made that! I just used this tutorial here.
I also made the cake stands by getting cheap candle sticks and plates then spray painting and gluing them together. It was difficult to find the right kind of glue...and eventually they all fell apart. But they looked good for the picture!

My friend made the most amazing smoothies! And then we topped them off with cute paper straws and little umbrellas. A drink isn't tropical with out a little umbrella! We all know that.

We also threw some yellow pom poms above the treat table.

To give the girls a chance to do something personal for Natalie, we printed off pictures of her with her friends and had everyone sign the pictures with their favorite memory. It was a cute gift to give to the bride-to-be after the shower.

We set up this canopy so we could have a place to relax and visit. The little kiddy pool was so fun! 

Can't forget the Kabobs! We let the girls make their own Kabobs, and then we threw them on the grill.

Oh and lastly, here are the invitations that I made for the party.

I hope that some of these ideas will help inspire you with your planning this wedding season! If you want any more information just let me know! 


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