Thursday, June 5, 2014

virgin hair no more.

Hey! Christi here! So I did something a little crazy for me...I dyed my hair! I have gotten highlights here and there in the pastbut I have never dyed my whole head of hair. Basically this is what happened...

Getting my hair colored on Friday... thinking this for the base color with deeper red/auburn highlights. Thoughts?
photo credit {here}

P.S. Don't you just love Emma Stone! I adore her. 


I still like my natural hair color, but this will be fun for the summer. I know this was just a small change, but it really got me thinking. Isn't is crazy how only changing one small little thing about yourself can make a huge difference. Whether you change how you did you make-up that day, or you decided to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual, it can make you feel so different! Change is good. It is as simple as that. Honestly, I don't think anything bad can come out of change. Anyways, just a few thoughts I've been having. I hope this post inspires you to change something in your life! It can be your hair color, your lipstick, or even how you greet someone today.


Dearest Lou said...

I absolutely LOVE IT! I recently added a subtle ombre to my hair back at the beginning of April and it really made a difference. I too once had virgin hair (;

Dearest Lou

After Eleven Blog said...

I love it! Looks like I found your blog at the right time - I never knew you as the previous hair color so this is just what's natural for me. hahaha. I really love it though....very few women can pull off light AND dark hair colors but YOU can! Anyways, I'm excited I found your blog today and can follow along :)

Haley Phillips said...

I absolutely love it!! :) I am about to color my hair that color so it's funny that I stumbled across your blog today. Love your blog and love the new hair!


Daydream Frenzy | Austin Style Blog said...

I am beyond jealous that you can pull off red hair. Actually that you can dye your hair period, lol! My hair is so dark that hair dressers refuse to even try! Oh well. I totally agree with you though, Emma Stone is the bomb ;) She's a natural blonde too!

Daydream Frenzy

Rebecca A. Taylor said...

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