Saturday, May 24, 2014

casual friday: Maternity Edition.

Skirt: made by me.
Shirt: thrifted (PINK Brand).
Belt: thrifted.
Shoes: Roxy.
 Headband: MaymeRae Boutique (Similar)
Teal & Grey Scarf: MaymeRae Boutique
Black & White Scarf: MaymeRae Boutique 

I have to say that finding cute maternity clothing is a challenge. A few days ago I went to my closet to get dressed and I realized that barely any of my clothes fit me. So I pretty much wear yoga pants, the one pair of maternity jeans I have, and the few maxi skirts I made a while back. I also headed to the thrift store to find some shirts that would fit my new body. They are not maternity shirts, but they are a larger size than I normally wear so they have some wiggle room. I have to say I just love buying clothing second hand! It may take a little more time and energy to find what you are looking for, but you can find great deals! I snatched up this like new shirt for only $1.

 I hope this inspires you to go out and find some thrifted things, and to be creative about dressing your prego body. 


Maddy Richards said...

Super cute blog!! I can't wait to see more fun DIY's!


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